Soft upholstered furniture gets just as dusty and dirty as cabinet furniture - the difference is you can’t always see it. Upholstery should be viewed a similar way to clothing. I.e. It needs regular cleaning, ideally by a reputable cleaning company.

Regular, easy-care maintenance

Try to keep pets off the upholstery and be careful of sharp objects such as belt buckles, toys and watch straps snagging the fabric. If snags do occur, carefully cut off the loose ends with scissors or tuck back in - do not pull them under any circumstances. 

Discourage lively children from using your new suite as a climbing frame if you want to prolong its lifespan.

Use protective arm caps where possible as this is the area most likely to show wear. 

Reversible seats and back cushions should be turned regularly and plumped up to maintain their shape. As a guide  these cushions should be attended to at least on a weekly basis, but may require daily attention depending upon type of filling and usage. Upholstery can be lightly vacuumed or gently brushed to remove dust, but take care if vacuuming delicate fringe and braid details. Strong sunlight can cause fabrics to fade.

Sitting on the front edges of cushions or on the arms of furniture may cause distortion or damage.

Velvet and chenille fabrics have a raised surface texture which is prone to flattening and shading. It is important that you understand this characteristic.

Wood or decorative facings require minimal maintenance, and should be occasionally wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust. Do not use spray polishes or solvent cleaners, as these can have a damaging effect on both the facings and adjoining fabric.

Fringes and rushing should be treated with care, especially when vacuuming. 

Castor cups are useful to reduce indentations on carpets and wood flooring.

Stop spills becoming stains

Do not use detergents. Do not try to wash or rub minor spills. To avoid damaging your upholstery, if you spill something on it, simply act quickly and mop up excess liquid with a clean white cloth.