Guardsman Protection Plan

Guardsman 5 year Upholstery Protection Plan

Our Guardsman spray service offers you complete peace of mind for you to enjoy your furniture.

  • It covers life’s little accidents, such as food or drink spills and accidental damages
  • When you have an accident, simply claim by calling our UK call centre or download a claim form online
  • There are no excesses to pay or annual renewal costs
  • Wherever possible, our expert technicians always try to repair the damage
  • If it can’t be repaired, we will replace the damaged part/item or offer a cash settlement up to the cost of the repair or replacement
  • Claims can be made at any point throughout the 5 years, up to the indemnity value of your plan. This is the price you originally paid for your furniture or £15,000, whichever is the lowest.

A Protection Plan is essentially ‘no excess’ furniture insurance.

So…. what am I actually covered for?

We’ll cover you for accidents to your fabric and leather furniture that result in damage and staining.

Accidental stains such as ….

✅ Food e.g. curry and pizza

✅ Drinks e.g. red wine and coffee

✅ Human and animal bodily fluids e.g. blood and vomit

✅ Ink e.g. ballpoint pen, felt tips or permanent marker

✅ Paint

✅ Oil based stains e.g. grease or tar

✅ Dye transfer e.g. from jeans (not as a result of a build up)

✅ Adhesives and glues

✅ Bleaches and other household cleaning products

✅ Unidentifiable stains

✅ Make-up and toiletries

✅ Acidic liquids e.g. vinegar and lemon juice

Accidental damage such as…..

✅ Tears and rips e.g. caused by keys

✅ Burns e.g. caused by cigarettes

✅ Scuffs and scratches (to covered leather)

✅ Pet scratches (not as a result of a build up)

✅ Thread pulls (to fabric upholstery)

We do not cover for:

Χ General cleaning

Χ Wear and tear

Χ Odours

Χ Colour change

Χ Animal chewing

Χ Damage caused by perspiration

Χ Structural faults

Available for upholstery and dining and cabinet

A Guardsman Protection Plan is not a substitute for regular care and cleaning. We’ll take care of the accidents, but the day to day care is down to you. A Protection Plan is essentially ‘no excess’ furniture insurance - for a copy of your terms and conditions, please contact your furniture retailer.