Lets talk about getting the best nights sleep

What better way to relax and rejuvenate for the next morning after a long hard day than climbing into a comfortable and supporting bed. We know that everyone has a contrasting definition of what is comfy for them. It is so important to find what is right for you, because if you get it right, a high quality bed will last you many years and countless hours of sleep. In order to find exactly what is right, you need to be able to feel, touch, lie down and compare many beds. We have got you covered.

You may assume that the mattress is the most fundamental part of the purchase, and although the mattress does indeed play a large part in the feel and comfort, the quality of the base can be a make or break. Signs of a base that needs replacing can include visible dips rather than a flat surface or even missing/broken slats. Without a good base, mattress guarantees can be void and a mattresses performance can be short lived or detrimental to your sleep.

A base to a bed doesn't have to be a place for dust to lie or even an area to lose your clothes under. There are a range of options to choose from that can offer style, elegance and also neat storage space. From drawers, hideaway compartments, lift up ottomans and electric lift up lids, there is a vast choice to suit every preference. Your bed can be tailored to you through various fabric types and colours, so whether you like to stand out from the crowd with a vibrant boost to your bedroom or a more subtle contemporary style, our favourite and trusted manufacturers can cover all bases.

Now, onto the next detail, the headboard. It isn't the case that for a suitable bed that you require a headboard, however, many people prefer to have a headboard to at the finishing touches to the style of the bed and make a feature peace with character. There are a vast array of patterns to immerse yourself in and fabrics to match for a full set. Alongside deciding on a style and colour you might also need to consider the type of headboard. Where headboards are not manufactured as standard as part of the frame, there is usually the option between a floor standing headboard or a strutted headboard. What is the difference you might ask? Well, a floor standing headboard fixes to the base of the bed sits along the wall the full way up. Typically, they do not tend to bow offering a sturdy and are the most favourable option to work alongside an ottoman base. Alternatively, strutted headboard can still give the elegance to the look by fixing onto the back of the bed with stays.

And now for the finishing touches, protecting your mattress. Two main types to choose from are cotton and bamboo. The cotton mattress protector keeps your bed clean and comfortable during your night's sleep, the breathability of cotton allows skin to breathe naturally and a cooler feeling. A bamboo mattress protector quickly absorbs moisture whilst being hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant. 

There are a lot of steps along the way to reach the final destination of the perfect bed for you but we are here to support you along each step of the way. With many different combinations on display in the showroom, this allows inspiration to flow and excitement to flourish whilst you relax and mould into the perfect night time destination for you.